Thursday, February 9, 2012


• It was a long cherished wish of the Kerala Cartoon Academy to conduct an exhibition of cartoon oriented books along with live caricaturing.,We have moved to a greater extend ,when sri Sudheer Nath was the secretary.But due to one or other reason all the efforts were in vain.At last it is happend as a miracle, with the support of the DARSANA CULTURAL CENTRE Kottayam, especially By the whole hearted support of the director Fr.Thomas Puthussery CMI,the young priest with novel ideas.Now KCA is also a participant in the 28th KOTTAYAM INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR.As the maiden venture ,due to the lack of proper ambiance ,our caricaturists like KARTHIKA KATTANAM, JAYARAJ etc have got only limited preys before them.Any way as Sri RAVI D.C,the chieftain of DC BOOKS,said, while he made a surprise visit to our stall 'it is another feather in the cap of the KCA' .Anil Vega,executive committee member of KCA ,with the generous support of his publishing friend Hari of Fabian Books designed the program as well.Cartoonist Balu the former chairman of KCA ,Cartoonist Raju Nair, the former secretary of KCA,were the freequent presence at the Thirunakkara.